YieldMax ETFs – New Covered Call ETFs featuring popular stocks such as $ARKK, $TSLA, $NVDA & $AAPL

YieldMax is a new fund manager getting a lot of attention these past few months with the release of their new ETFs using a unique options strategy focusing on portfolio income.

Currently, they have 7 US. Listed ETFs, and I imagine if things go well, they will be rolling out more.

ETF Symbol ETF Name ETF Symbol Focus ETF Inception
TSLY YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF Tesla 11/22/22
OARK YieldMax Innovation Option Income Strategy ETF ARKK’s Innovation Fund $ARKK 11/22/22
APLY YieldMax AAPL Option Income Strategy ETF Apple 04/17/23
NVDY YieldMax NVDA Option Income Strategy ETF Nvdia 05/10/23
AMZY YieldMax AMZN Option Income Strategy ETF Amazon 07/24/23
GOOY YieldMax GOOGL Option Income Strategy ETF Google 07/24/23
FBY YieldMax META Option Income Strategy ETF Meta 07/24/23

As, these funds grow in popularity their AUM will grow. Currently, the most popular is the Tesla based Option Income based ETF ($TSLY) – at $433.71M AUM, followed by NVDY at $62.59M AUM and OARK at $59.46 AUM.

Annual Dividend Yield

The yields for all of these funds vary – but they are all much higher than the average for these type of funds.

According to Market Watch – $TSLY annual yield is currently at a staggering 60.08% yield.


Now, I’m sure as things go along this number will change and update drastically – so be sure to check back in regularly to see how this yield % will fluctuate.

Expense Ratio

Lastly, as of now let’s talk about the fees YieldMax will be charging for these investment ETFs. To my knowledge, it appears that all 7 of their active ETFs will be charging an expense ratio of 0.99%.

With the amount of work that is required with these type of funds, I think that is a reasonable expense that investors will incur.

Dividend History YTD

TSLY Dividend History – 2023

Payment Month Payment Date Distribution Amount
August 8/14/2023 $0.8303
July 7/17/2023 $1.0661
June 6/15/2023 $0.8033
May 5/15/2023 $0.4402
April 4/17/2023 $0.8286
March 3/16/2023 $0.9023
February 2/16/2023 $0.9029
January 1/12/2023 $0.9986

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often are YieldMax’s distributions?

  • All 7 of their active Income based ETFs distribute to their investors on a monthly basis. This could change in the future, but this is their current payment / distribution schedule.

Where can I find more information about the fund manager, YieldMax?

What other tickers are YieldMax considering starting funds for?

How are these (TSLY, OARKK, NVDY, APLY) Dividends taxed?

  • First of all, disclaimer we are not tax advisors so please use this response for research / educational purposes only, consult your tax advisor for more concise details. But to our understanding, these distributions will be the mixture of ordinary dividends from the underlying and options premium – which will be taxed at ordinary income tax rates. Similar to how you’d be taxed if you sold a covered call yourself.

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