One of My Favorite Growth ETFs – $QQQ

One of my favorite growth ETFs out there today is the NASDAQ 100, also known as the QQQ ETF. 

This ETF tracks the NASDAQ 100 and is managed by Invesco. These 100 stocks are considered 100 of the most innovative companies in the market today. Innovation is a huge component for growth. When looking for stocks that are actively looking for growth this innovative group of stocks is a great place to start.

The ETFs inception date was March 10th, 1990. QQQ has an expense ratio of 0.2%. QQQ currently has roughly 158.7 billion assets under management. QQQ’s segment benchmark is the MSCI USA Large Cap Index. Its Index Tracked is the NASDAQ-100 Index.

As of December 11th, 2022, the NASDAQ 100 ETF $QQQ consists of 98.64% United States, 0.33% United Kingdom, 0.04% of Hong Kong, 0.25% of China and 0.39% Netherlands. 

As of December 11th, 2022, the top 10 holdings for the NASDAQ 100 QQQ ETF consists of Apple at 12.9%, Microsoft at 10.19%, Amazon at 5.35%, Alphabet at 3.34%, Alphabet at 3.25%, Tesla at 3.2%, NVIDIA at 3.12%, PepsiCo at 2.38%, Costco at 2.21%, Meta Platforms at 2.13% and the top ten holdings consisted of 48.06% of the fund.

The tax on the dividends you receive from QQQ will be considered qualified dividends as long as you own the ETF long enough before the ex-dividend date. Otherwise, it would be considered ordinary dividends. 

As of December 11th, 2022, Morningstar rates this ETF as a 5-star investment. The category for this investment is US fund large growth. The market this year has definitely taken a downturn, QQQ is currently down 28.76% YTD. However, when looking at the 15-year return, the QQQ ETF has returned 12.85%. The 10-year return has returned 16.94%. The five-year return has returned 13.57%. And the three-year has returned 12.10%. 

In Morningstar’s risk v. return category QQQ is considered above average investment. Its Return vs Category is considered High. 

The asset allocation for the fund consists of U.S. Equity accounting for 97.08%, non-U.S. Equity accounting for 2.69% And lastly, Cash accounting for 0.23% of the fund. The stock style of the fund consists of 62% Large Cap Growth, 21% Large Cap Blend, 10% Large Cap Value, 4% Mid Cap Blend and 3% Mid Cap Growth. The sector allocation consists of 48.48% Technology, 15.22% Communication Services, 13.98% Consumer Cyclical, 8.03% Health Care, 7.01% Consumer Defensive, 5.00% Industrials and 1.49% Utilities.

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