3 Stock Portfolio – AAPL, TSM, & MSFT

Hey, what’s going on guys? Today I’m going to be talking about a 3 stock portfolio that will produce you a monthly dividend income.

Now, first of all, this is not financial advice. This is for educational purposes only. Do not just blindly invest into these three stocks, do your own research before investing into the stock market. 

Secondly, these stocks are all tech based. If you want a more overall, properly diversified portfolio, you might want to pick stocks in different sectors. 

But for the example today, I’m just going to use these three stocks. The reason I chose these three stocks is because each of them payout in a different month. So for example, one pays in January, one pays in February and one pays in March. And then after March it just repeats.

The first stock that I’m going to talk about is the ticker symbol TSM, also known as the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. This is a semiconductor company based in Taiwan. They payout in the months of January, April, July and October. Their current dividend is around 2.7%.This will go up or down depending on the current state of the market, so be sure to do your own research to determine the exact amount at the time you’re reading this article. 

Our next stock is Apple, ticker AAPL.They pay out in the months of February, may, August and November. Their current dividend is around 0.66%. Like I mentioned before, this yield will vary depending on you know, the current state of the market, so be sure to definitely go out and do your own research to see what that current yield is. This will vary also depending on what price that you purchase Apple at. 

Our last stock is Microsoft, ticker symbol MSFT. Microsoft currently pays in the months of March, June, September and December. Their current yield is around 1.13%. 

Depending on how long you own each of these stocks, the dividends will be treated as either qualified dividends or ordinary dividends. For it to be considered a qualified dividend, you must own the stock for 60 days before the ex dividend date. 

Here are some screenshots from the TD Ameritrade income estimator with the selected stocks above. 


Please remember that investing into individual stocks comes with its own amount of risk. Sometimes it might even be better just to invest into an index fund or a dividend ETF fund, be sure to keep these things in mind when investing into the stock market and deciding on your investment plan.

That’s it for this post. I hope you got some type of value from it. Definitely go check out the video above. I walk through their income estimator and show you how you can use it as well. As always, we are not financial advisors, please do your own research before investing – this post and others on the site are for educational purposes only. 

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