Check out the video above to learn how to make $1,000 per month passively.

I go over several methods to achieve this such as Real Estate Syndications, Tokenized Real Estate Investing, Covered Call ETFs & simply investing into the S&P 500.

Passive Income takes one of two things, a lot of capital upfront or work overtime to build up systems & processes to produce income.

These options are in the case of having a lot of capital to invest upfront to produce this monthly income goal.

Monthly Income Illustrations
(Not Investment Advice, Educational Purposes Only)
Investment Price Yield Yearly Div. Monthly Div. Payout Monthly Income Goal
Real Estate Syndication $25,000.00 40.00% $10,000.00 $833.33 Biannual $1,000
Lofty Real Estate $50.00 10.00% $5.00 $0.42 Daily
Covered Call ETF – DIVO $34.54 5.10% $1.76 $0.15 Monthly
S&P 500 $361.87 1.54% $5.57 $0.46 Quarterly
Investment Selected Shares Held Investment
Real Estate Syndication 1.2 $30,000.00
Lofty Real Estate 2400 $120,000.00
Covered Call ETF – DIVO 6812.221125 $235,294.12
S&P 500 2153.31688 $779,220.78



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