Too Much Money eBook Review


If you’re wanting to learn more about dividend growth investing, this is a phenomenal book to start. 

I remember when I started my journey more than two years ago. This was one of the first books that I came across. 

I came across the dividend cultivators Twitter account and quickly fell in love with all of his content regarding growing your income passively via investing into the stock market. 

The author of the book, AKA known as the Dividend Cultivator, has had several successful exits from software companies. He then repositioned that capital into dividend growth stocks to continually grow his income year after year via dividend growth investing. 

This book really opened up my eyes to investing. You know, being recently out of college, I was very ignorant in this space, and he did a phenomenal job explaining things very simply in an effective way. 

Feel free to follow his Twitter account for more content. He’s now in the space of crypto startups and constantly talking about other dividend growth opportunities out there. You can follow his page at @DividendCultivator on Twitter.

Grab his “Too Much Money” eBook here!