Get Paid While You Wait eBook Review


Did you know you can make money from the stock market without owning any stock? Did you know you could get paid to enter your favorite positions? This methodology is called selling cash secured puts. @BusinessFamous also wrote “Turbocharge Your Dividends” featuring selling covered calls, and now he has come out with a second book called “Get Paid While You Wait”, and its main focus is selling cash secured puts.

Selling cash secured puts is another great skill set to have and to know how to use. Once again, if you’re a growth investor, it might not make sense for you at this current moment to know how to do them. But when the day comes and you’re looking to create income from your portfolio, the ability to sell cash secured puts is very important to know how to do. 

Even some of the greats use these same strategies, such as Warren Buffett, to create income from their portfolios. The hardest part with selling cash secured puts is knowing what stocks you want to sell the options on, what strike and what expiration you want to sell them at. To get a better understanding of those three items, definitely check out the book below. He does a great job walking through the analysis for choosing those three characteristics of an option.

Grab his “Get Paid While You Wait” eBook here!