Monthly Dividend Paying ETFs

Receiving dividends from your portfolio every month, can be quite a motivating thing. This reason alone is why I believe so many love popular paying monthly dividend stocks such as Realty Income ($O), Stag ($STAG) and many others. However, there are many ETFs that also pay monthly dividends too. This seems to be a newer trend over the past few years. Previously, ETFs more often than not paid Quarterly or Annually. As, Fund Managers compete for more business, I imagine this will become even more popular in the future as a way to attract new investors. With that being said, this page will be our list of ETFs that we have found that pay on the Monthly Payment frequency. These are for educational research only, please understand each of them and make your own financial decision before investing into them.

Ticker Price Day Change Current Yield Div. Amount Ex. Dividend Date
DGRW $59.32 $-1.02 2.11% $1.28 02-22-2023
DIA $319.87 $-3.21 1.98% $6.39 02-17-2023
DIVO $34.34 $-0.39 4.90% $1.70 02-24-2023
JEPI $52.30 $-0.54 12.06% $6.37 03-01-2023
NUSI $18.72 $-0.17 8.45% $1.60 02-23-2023
QYLD $16.30 $-0.12 12.91% $2.12 02-21-2023
QYLG $23.19 $-0.46 6.26% $1.48 02-21-2023
XYLD $39.50 $-0.36 12.90% $5.14 02-21-2023
XYLG $25.26 $-0.38 6.66% $1.74 02-21-2023

Disclaimer - Stock market data listed above may be delayed. Please only use for educational purposes only, we use 3rd party API providers to provide us the data, so we are not responsible for delayed data. Please use your own specific broker for realtime data. Investing into the stock market can be risky, understand your risk. We are not an financial institution nor do we have financial advisors on staff, educate yourself & seek help from an advisor if need be. Thanks for tuning in, we hope this page & our other pages can help educate & provide value during your investing journey!