5 Steps To Get Started!

1.) Determine Your WHY, Determine Goals

  • Why are you investing in the first place?
  • What do you hope to get out of Investing?
  • Make Goals - They will help you with Vision & Direction for where you want to be headed.
  • Be very specific with them & give your them deadlines.

2.) Determine Your Risk Tolerance

  • How Much Risk Do You Want To Take On?
  • What's Your Time Horizon?
  • These questions will help you determine the type of stocks, yields & dividend growth stats you should be looking for.

3.) Choosing A Investing Strategy

  • Investing For Cashflow?
  • Investing For Growth?
  • Mixture Of Both?
  • There's many different investing strategies to pick from, determine which one will be best suited to help you accomplish your goals!

4.) Choosing A Brokerage

Do you research, here are a few examples (Some May Include Affiliate Links, Which May Include Free Incentives To Get Started, Free Stocks):

5.) Take Action

Don't over complicate the process, with any of the above. The best way to learn is from experience. Stop wasting anymore time on the sidelines & just get started!