If you’re looking for a broker that is the one stop shop for passive index investing, look no further than Vanguard.

Vanguard is one of the most popular stock market brokers out there today. Vanguard is owned by its customers, so there is no overhead company trying to make a profit off of their clients.

Vanguard has some of the cheapest mutual funds and ETFs on the market, because a lot of their funds are passively managed and they track major indexes.

If you’re brand new to investing and you want a very simple and boring platform to use, definitely go check out Vanguard. It’s definitely not the most up to date as far as design goes, but it’s a boring, simple way to keep things very simple & to help others get invested.

I personally have one of my Roth IRAs there, and I passively invest into several of their mutual funds

One of their downsides is they don’t have fractional shares, so if you’re investing into individual stocks or ETFs, Vanguard might not be the best platform for you.

However, if you are investing into mutual funds, it could be a great platform to use. And as of recently, Vanguard did just roll out a new release that fractional shares are available, but only for specific Vanguard Investment vehicles. 

So definitely stay tuned to see if they roll out another release where fractional shares are available for all investment ETFs and stocks.

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